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I used for these live paintings Adobe Photoshop and a Wacom Tablet.

Also, I made tutorials :

Tutorial 1: how to draw a FACE

Tutorial 2: how to draw an EYE

Tutorial 3: how to draw a MOUTH

Tutorial 4: how to draw an EAR

Tutorial 5: how to draw an EYE (part II)

Tutorial 6: how to draw EYELASHES (Slow motion)

Tutorial 7: how to draw a seamless TILABLE TEXTURE in 5'

Tutorial 8: how to draw MANGA EYES with Flash

Tutorial 9: how to draw HAIR

Tutorial 10: how to draw WOLVERINE

Live painting - Lady Gaga

Live painting - John Lennon

Live painting - Megan Fox - II

Live painting - Megan Fox

Live painting - Michael Jackson

Live painting - Hugh Jackman

Live painting - Penelope Cruz

Live painting - Angelina Jolie

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